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OK so dating kind of sucks. Meeting new men also sucks. I have this profile on a dating website and I have talked to and gone out with a couple of really nice guys. But last night I went out with this guy that just makes me laugh. We've been talking for a couple of weeks on the phone and texting. He was really nice. He told me he had three kids a 15 year old, 8 year old and almost newborn. Well I'm really not into babies at this point in my life but he asked me out and I thought what the heck free meal hahaha.
So anyway he was nice, kind of interesting except when he was talking about his WIFE. See they are still married because she is PREGNANT. OH almost newborn means not born, I thought it meant like 6 months old. Oh it gets better, he spent an hour telling me about all his medical problems, right down to his enlarged prostate. REALLY? Well I am a nurse. He also told me had a psych appointment the next day to adjust his anxiety meds. OK well lots of people are on anxiety meds, just don't think you mention it on the first date.
Did I tell you his wife was under investigation for medicaid and food stamp fraud? Nice. lol

I don't think this dude has any business trying to date hahaha.

Oh well a wasted couple of hours but I never have to see him again.

He sent me a text today that said, "hey! how are you? I'm stressed, I am in bad need of relief..."

Maybe I was his psych appointment.
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Harry graduated from Kindergarten this evening!

Yay, it only took him 2 years to do it lol.
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I was so excited to wake up this morning and find a purple tulip -

It matches my outfit, and my roof lol.

Harry just yelled at me for buying all the flowers haha.
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I *heart* Kimya Dawson -
The Case FOR Breastfeeding

and her music is awesome.

And this is neat, she has a live journal and she is in the clothediapering community which is co-modded by [personal profile] cynica who is on my friends list. Kind of cool.
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I got my hair cut -

i can has bangs )
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I got a Chi flat iron today. It's awesome, I've never spent that much on something for my hair. lol

I was look that the instructions and one of them is, "do not use while sleeping" is this really an issue?
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I got the title and then like 6 alts later I got the reindeer pet lol.
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This is the closest I can get to an actual pose!
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We made a gingerbread house.
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so proud...

Dec. 5th, 2008 08:06 am
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This morning I was driving Kassell(16 years old) to school and I was being silly about the christmas decorations saying I liked one yard better than the other, and point at one of those blow up decorations and saying, "it's better than this one that you have to blow up everyday, what a waste of air!" and she says "yeah cause it's not like air is infamous or anything."

hahaha She gets her brains from me.

So then I stop and let her get one of those energy drinks and she gets me to take a taste, and I say it tastes like peach wine coolers. She takes a drink and says, "omg it does..."

Excuse me? lol
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OMG will the servers ever come back up?

I love you guys, but I'm really bored with refreshing my friends page.

and no one is posting anyway. :P
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I want these jeans(yes that's Katie Holmes, shoot me), I can't find any just like this. :(
Well I'm sure I could, but I'm cheap and don't want to pay over $40.00 haha.

I'm 100% sure I will look exactly the same in them as she does.
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Someone posted this in wow ladies -

lol so funny!
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No other title has interested me enough to go after it, but I think this one is just awesome -

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We just got back from the state fair. So much fun!

I ate some of a big, huge turkey leg.
fried pickles
fried Twinkie
fried cheese cake
candy apple
and drank lots of lemonade.

On the way home I threw up on Denny's boiled peanuts.
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Denny found cigarettes in Kassell's pocket, but it's OK because she was HOLDING THEM FOR A FRIEND.

Whew, I was worried there for a moment that she might be smoking something other than pot.
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I went to a PTA meeting at Kyrsee's school tonight.
They were told to wear school uniforms. This is the 3 grade and there was a kid there that showed up in a cheerleading uniform and eyeliner. Wow.

Anyway I Harry took pictures.
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OMG I got this awesome new laptop. 3 freaking gigs of RAM. THREE.

It makes me want to cry. I'm also feeling the urge to hump it.

It's beautiful.

I'm such a geek, all I can think of is that WoW is going to be awesome.

My old laptop had 512mb of ram lol.
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I just finished reading Dead Until Dark.

I started reading it because I saw the new show on HBO, True Blood and it's based on the books.

I like it, a lot. I found a lot of similarities to the Twilight series. Except that it was written for adults. It was a lot more violent and I thought darker. Lots of people died. And there was actual vampire sex, and it was awesome. I need to have me some of that. hahaha.

Now I want to read the second book, but no one seems to have it for shipping for a few weeks. :(

OH well, I'm going to go watch the 2nd episode of True Blood. I missed it last night, I was working.
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