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OK so dating kind of sucks. Meeting new men also sucks. I have this profile on a dating website and I have talked to and gone out with a couple of really nice guys. But last night I went out with this guy that just makes me laugh. We've been talking for a couple of weeks on the phone and texting. He was really nice. He told me he had three kids a 15 year old, 8 year old and almost newborn. Well I'm really not into babies at this point in my life but he asked me out and I thought what the heck free meal hahaha.
So anyway he was nice, kind of interesting except when he was talking about his WIFE. See they are still married because she is PREGNANT. OH almost newborn means not born, I thought it meant like 6 months old. Oh it gets better, he spent an hour telling me about all his medical problems, right down to his enlarged prostate. REALLY? Well I am a nurse. He also told me had a psych appointment the next day to adjust his anxiety meds. OK well lots of people are on anxiety meds, just don't think you mention it on the first date.
Did I tell you his wife was under investigation for medicaid and food stamp fraud? Nice. lol

I don't think this dude has any business trying to date hahaha.

Oh well a wasted couple of hours but I never have to see him again.

He sent me a text today that said, "hey! how are you? I'm stressed, I am in bad need of relief..."

Maybe I was his psych appointment.


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