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We went to a 4th of July thingy and fireworks yesterday.

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We've decided to have sandwiches for dinner tonight since it's so hot and I don't want to cook. Harry just sat down next to me, patted my leg and said, "well, my sandwich ain't gonna make itself..."

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Harry got his yellow belt in karate tonight. He was so nervous, it was cute. He is the smallest kid in his class lol.

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When I'm six feed under
When I'm dead
I don't want dirt on me
but makeup instead

I think they are serious.
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Kyrsee has been decorating her room for the last couple of weeks with posters and stuff from magazines.  I guess Harry decided he would decorate his room too, I went in there tonight and he has taped a screwdriver to the wall above his bed.  And a sock.  I guess those are the manliest things he could find in this house.

Do you know how much tape it takes to get a screwdriver to stay on the wall? lol
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Yesterday Marina says to me, "OMG Kate is getting married..." 
Me: "Kate?" 
Marina: "Kate of Kate plus 8, used to be Jon and Kate plus 8.  She is marrying some guy named William." 
Me: "um....wrong Kate."

I wonder if she pays attention this well in school.
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I just wanted to say, I am way too excited that we are dissecting a sheep brain in my A&P lab to be considered a normal person.   
That is all!
Have a great day.
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Gosh it just amazes me the piddly shit I can come up with to do when I need to be studying. updating my livejournal hahaha. 
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There are more here -

My favorite Easter picture -

It is almost Easter, right?  lol
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Shhhh....don't tell anyone that he is really bald under that doo-rag.
(I have no idea why he has money between his legs like that, I think he was afraid of his junk falling out.  I told him that only happens to Lady GaGa)

Photobucket deleted one of my photos for being against their terms of service.  Of course, it was a picture I had of a big ole camel toe(and no it was not of me), but it's been in my account for several years.  I even forgot I had it.  I wonder why they would delete it now.
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Today I told Kyrsee my favorite blond joke, which is -

How do you know a blond has been using the computer?

There is white out on the monitor.

She didn't get it because she has no idea what white out is.  So I tried to explain it to her, but realized she also knows nothing about typewriters!  Based on my description, she has decided they are some kind of medieval torture device for secretaries.    

What the heck?  I'm old.  I didn't tell her I took typing(using a typewriter) in high school.
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Ha! I was looking at this, and the disclaimer at the bottom made me laugh.  Apparently you don't get the deck with it.   Really?  haha are there really people out there who think they would?

Gosh I hope my link works, it was really long.
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The babies have been with Denny for almost seven days. They come home tomorrow and I'm glad. I've missed them.

I took a test for A & P today, and it was really easy. One of the questions made me laugh out loud -

Cardiac muscle is found in the wall of the
A. stomach
B. intestine
C. urinary bladder
D. none of these is correct

Really? OK maybe it's just a silly question to me.

I was worried about the test, because I went out a couple of times this weekend instead of studying. I think I did well.

This picture makes me happy:

Even with the crappy scan of a proof, it's like the best school picture ever. Harry was complaining because the photographer MADE him smile. I told him it was a great smile. I am thinking he needs a hair cut.

I'm still waiting to see Kyrsee's, she was sick all last week and hasn't picked them up yet. I hope they are just as good.
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What makes you happy?

Is it the little things or the big things? And what are the big things?

Alanis Morisette has a lyric that says, "How bout me enjoying the moment for once." (yeah, yeah I'm quoting Alanis boo you)
I never enjoy the moment, I'm always too worried about the next moment and not enjoying it. How silly is that?

I think I'm going to start concentrating on the little things.

Little things that make me happy-

new socks
every time Harry kisses me goodbye he taps my mouth first to make sure I'm not going to shock him
the fact that he always kisses me goodbye
400+ thread count sheets
a clean house
today it's listening to Natalie Merchant
sunshine and the blue sky
open windows
finishing my algebra two days before it's due
oh and my scentsy warmer thing(everyone should get one, no I'm not selling them)

Ok tell me about your little things.
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Today Harry decided he wanted to make a mud ball shiny. We have lots of mud due to the snow. So he put in in the freezer, the ice maker to be exact. He was nice enough to put it in a plastic bag, unfortunately his muddy hands made the bag muddy. All my ice has mud in it.

I got on to him and he started crying and I'm like, "why are you crying?" he says, "because I want my own refrigerator." WTF
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I deleted my facebook. So if I had you friended over there and you notice me off your list, that's why.
I'm so sick of that place, and really the whole say what you need to say in 120 characters or less idea. It just irritates me, and I don't care to know that someone I have not talked to in 20 years is sick of the weather. Or needs prayers or whatever.

But the real reason are my so-called "friends". People that really miss me and want to keep in touch, they call me. They don't post on my wall that they miss me. assholes.

I hate the world today.

Does this mean I'll be posting here more? Yeah, I doubt it, sorry.
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So tonight I was looking at old pictures with Kyrsee and we find a studio picture with 6 poses of a baby. She looked about 6 weeks old. Kyrsee says, "who is that?" I look at it and say, "oh that's Kassell." She says, "OMG she looks like an alien. Look at her big head..." She just goes on and on about how funny she looks. I grabbed the picture and notice there is a date on the bottom of June, 2000. I said, "oh wait Kyrsee, that's you."

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Tuesday Kyrsee and I went to the bookstore to get the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, I think it's called The Ugly Truth, anyway we got really lucky and got the last couple of tickets for a book signing yesterday. Kyrsee we so freaking excited, I don't think I've ever seen her get so excited about anything lol.

So we went to Little Rock yesterday and acted like country bumpkins walking downtown and stuff. She claims she has never seen a parking meter or a payphone haha. Wow.

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I made little bitty Ugg like booties for my friend who is having a baby in November.

They are so freaking cute.

Here they are next to my own awesome Uggs lol.
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So I've just realized I've had this journal since 2003. I have like SEVEN years of memories and stories about my kids. I can't tell you how awesome I think that is. I've been reading my old entries all night and I have to say, my kids are awesome lol. And good friends too. You guys that have stuck around are great. I seriously used to spend most days online with you and getting to know you, I miss that and YOU.

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So anyway, life is really good right now.
How is everyone?
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